Accounting homework help

*Unit 4 DB: Stockholder or Stakeholder? (BUS211 Baldrige Principles & Introduction to Quality Standards)

Does your current work, school, or organizational affiliate managed by the stockholder or stakeholder approach? Is this appropriate?  If you were in charge what approach would you take and why?

*Unit 4 DB: Willingness to Pay (ECO201 Macroeconomics)

Read and consider the “Willingness to Pay” example in Section 7-1 (Chapter 7 Section 1).

Your family has outgrown the house you now live in. You paid $350,000 for the house you are now in and you have a budget of $450,000 for a larger house. You shop around in several towns and you find one being sold by a builder for $460,000. That builder bought the house for $300,000 and spent $75,000 remodeling it. You and the builder settle on a price of $410,000.

Please find and evaluate the:

  • Willingness to pay,
  • Consumer surplus,
  • Demand,
  • Producer surplus,
  • Cost and,
  • Willingness to sell of your own example. Accounting homework help.

Present the above in narrative form including the economics terms in the body of your writing, not as definitions. These terms constitute what has been referred to as the “language of economics”. Be sure to include a brief introduction and footnotes to your research.

*Unit 4 DB: Covering the Least Amount (FIN401 Insurance & Risk Management)

All states have a minimum required coverage amount for bodily and property damage due to an auto accident. These minimum limits are there to help the driver determine the least amount of coverage he or she is legally required to maintain. The minimum coverage for each state ranges from $10,000 to $50,000 in coverage. However, the amount of coverage a driver maintains should be sufficiently high enough to cover his or her liability resulting from an accident.

  1. Should States continue to require a minimum level of liability coverage of personal auto insurance for drivers, or should the driver be allowed not to maintain insurance coverage?
  2. Determine the required minimum bodily injury and property damage coverage required for your respective State. Do you believe that your State coverage requirement is sufficient, or should your State require more (or less) minimum coverage for each driver?


*DB4.1: Key Control Plan (CRJ104 Introduction to Security)

Describe the basic principles of a key control plan. How can the use of card operated locks enhance a key and access control program?

*DB4.2: Perimeters (CRJ104 Introduction to Security)

How can the various openings in a perimeter be protected and secured?

*DB4.3: Visitor Access Control (CRJ104 Introduction to Security)

Why is visitor access control important and what are the elements necessary for an effective visitor access control system?


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