Architecture and Design homework help

each question one page and two references (keep the references after each question)



Respond to all of the following:

  • Describe the meaning of quality in reference to healthcare.  What does quality healthcare mean to you?
  • Discuss value and how quality and value can be used to improve a healthcare system
  • Describe what is meant when someone states data is not a static asset with a healthcare organization
  • Discuss the importance of data governance and management and provide an example



Respond to all of the following:

  • On page 92, figure 6.1 is a sample information value chain.

Discuss the information value chain and each component within the chain.

  • One way of conducting an analysis is “SWOT” (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats).

Explain how you, as an administrator might analyze data, provide an example, and what you would do with that analysis

  • According to Strome (2013), “there is often too much data generated through all the activities and systems within health care to use effectively” (p. 115).  With that being said, discuss the important of indicators in quality and performance improvement, and how to create or choose indicators that are most effective for requirements of your healthcare organization. Architecture and Design homework help.
  • Discuss how you would prepare health care data for regulatory, compliance, licensure and/or accreditation bodies (provide at least one real-world example).



Respond to all of the following:

  • Discuss as an administrator how you would move from analytics insight to healthcare improvement
  • Strome (2013) described the importance of problems being ranked in different ways; three common bases for ranking issues facing healthcare organizations (p. 131).  Select one of these three areas, clinical, financial, or regulatory/legislative, think of a problem that would need improvement and discuss actions you would take to improve that problem
  • There are three steps in identifying and selecting improvement opportunities, list these three steps and in your own words describe/discuss what they mean.




Respond to all of the following:

  • Describe one (1) statistical methods that can be utilized for detecting changes in quality or performance (provide example(s))
  • Describe one (1) graphical methods that can be utilized for detecting changes in quality or performance (provide example(s))
  • What is meant when the author states “Putting it Together” – Take one of your examples above and explain/discuss how you would “Put it Together



Respond to all of the following:

  • Your first year is coming to an end.  You have worked hard with your analytical plan. Now it is time to “present it” to the organization.  Describe how you might provide employees with presentation and visualization of information/outcome of your plan.
  • Discuss dashboards and how they are used for quality and performance improvement.  Include in this discussion how you would design a dashboard.
  • Describe and explain steps you would take in providing accessibility to and ensuring usability of analytics systems to necessary parties.


discussing the significance of strategy and diffusion concerning a healthcare information system.


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