Business & Finance homework help

  • Select a business that you are interested in researching.  The business must have at least 25 employees and is accessible to you to gather information and to conduct an interview.
  • Your research should answer the following:
    • Who started the business and why?
    • What product or service is provided by this company?
    • Do you consider the owner/developer an entrepreneur?  Why?
    • How did a business plan assist the owner to start the business.
    • What is the organizations structure?
    • How has the owner/developer used the principles of management (planning, organizing, leading and controlling) to make the company a success?
    • How does the company provide an environment to foster employee motivation?
    • How is the product or service marketed?
    • How is the product or service priced?
    • Do you consider the business to be successful?  Why?
  • Your research paper may require you to use Internet, periodicals or other sources of information.  You will be required to include a bibliography or  reference page at the end of your report to include each source.
  • To assist you in completing this assignment thoroughly, you are required to interview an individual in the company that can assist you in gathering all the information required.  Develop questions and include a question and answer section in your report. Business & Finance homework help.
  • Write your paper following this outline:
  • Introduction
    • Description of the company
    • Executive summary of your paper
  • Content
    • Answer each of the questions outlined above.  Be thorough and descriptive.  Use comparisons where applicable.  Using words, paint a picture of the company, who it is, why it exists, how it performs, successful or not successful 


  • Interview
    • Who did you interview?  Name, title and company.
    • What were the questions and answers?
    • Summarize the conversation.
    • What did you learn from the interview?
    • What are some of the strengths and weaknesses regarding company  that you learned from the interview?
  • Conclusion/Summary
    • How did this assignment help you understand the formation, development, operation and success of a business.
    • If a class member where to read your paper, what are the main points you would want them to remember?

Paper should be at least 7 pages in length and include a bibliography of references.  You may also include footnotes, but they are not required.  The 7 pages do not include the bibliography or a title page.   No specific report style is required, however, you must have one inch margins, double space and use 12 pitch font – Arial or the default font in Microsoft Word.  Double spacing


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