Business & Finance homework help

  1. What is the organization of your choice doing by securing information systems? Do explain why you chose this company?
  2. What are two issues at your organization, and what are your two recommendations to fixing the issues within the organization for the information system by securing it?
  3. What is the corporate accountability for ethics, legal, and social issues for your chosen organization?
  4. What are the problems with your corporate responsibility for ethics, legal, and social issues?
  5. Cyber-attacks, data breaches are on the rise. How will your chosen organization secure the information systems? Do provide the short-term and long-term issues for your organization.
  6. How will corporate accountability for the ethics, legal, and social issues be handled?
  7. What type of technology infrastructure does your organization have, and what are your recommendations for improving it?  Business & Finance homework help


  1. What are your organization’s database system and data management issues, and what are your recommendations for fixing these issues?
  2. Business Intelligence: Big Data and Analytics are expanding to new levels. As the Consultant of your organization, what are your recommendations for adopting busines intelligence in the sense of big data and Analytics?
  3. Networks in an interconnected world, what are your recommendations for our organization to implement?
  4. Cloud computing has taken off in the year 2020 during the COVID-19 global pandemic. What are three issues that cloud computing may have in your chosen organization? What are your recommendations for improving cloud computing?
  5. Would you recommend an eCommerce platform for your organization? Why or why not?
  6. What are your recommendations for your organization on strategic planning and project management?
  7. What are some issues to your organization for implementing forward systems acquisitions and development, and what are your recommendations to resolving these issues?

Your Final Project will include:

  • Your recommendations for improving the chosen organization of your choice by answering the following questions in your 8–10 pages APA format 7th edition.  Business & Finance homework help


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