Characteristics of quantitative research of selected practice

Characteristics of quantitative research of selected practice

The assignment includes the following components:

1. Title page

2. Introduction (The word “introduction” is not used – include title of paper as level one heading). Characteristics of quantitative research of selected practice

a. Introduce the selected practice problem.


b. Literature chosen is < 5 years old.

c. Provides incidence and/or prevalence of the problem.

3. Literary Search Strategy

a. Identify the databases searched to locate the recent quantitative literature.

b. Include keywords used in your search.

c. Describe filters used.

4. Critique of Article Using the John Hopkins Appraisal Tool

a. Present aim of the study.

b. Share research method and design used.

c. Provide sample size and description of the sample.

d. Present overview of the findings.

e. Share strengths and limitations of the study.

f. Appraise the level and grade the quality of the study

5. Summary (Using your own words- as if you were sharing the highlights with a friend)

a. Provide a summary detailing the main points and overall findings.

b. Discuss if this is a solution that can contribute to the practice problem.

6. Conclusion

a. Provide a clear and logical conclusion in 1-2 concise paragraphs.

b. Highlight the summary of findings.

c. Highlight overall quality (level and grade).

d. Conclude value of study to practice problem.

7. Reference page

8. Appendix

a. Embed the completed Johns Hopkins Appraisal Tool as an Appendix.

Writing Requirements (APA format)

· 1-inch margins

· Double-spaced pages

· 12-point Times New Roman or 11-point Arial font

· Use of level 1 headers and subheadings to separate each section of the paper. Characteristics of quantitative research of selected practice

· References and citations in proper APA format (current version)

· In-text citations

· Reference page

· Length: 2-3 pages (not including title page or references page)

· Standard English usage and mechanics

· No spelling or typographical errors.

· Organized content around the required components using level 1 headers. Characteristics of quantitative research of selected practice


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