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Your Task: Respond thoroughly and thoughtfully to the following prompts. Write your responses in the text boxes provided, then use “Save As” to give the file a new name; this will ensure that you do not accidentally submit the blank template for grading. Be sure to use a professional voice throughout your assignment.


  1. State Your Research Question: In one sentence, phrased as a question, present the question you intend to answer in your research project. Your question will be graded according to its clarity and construction. 
  1. Explain Why You Chose This Research Question: In approximately 2-3 sentences, explain why this research question is relevant and appropriate to you. You will be graded on your ability to support you answer with reference to your program of study, your career goals, and/or your personal interests. Education homework help 
  1. Demonstrate Your Ability to Find Appropriate Information: In the space below, present your instructor with three (3) potentially useful sources of information. You are not necessarily required to use these texts in your final project, but they should illustrate your ability to find current, relevant, and reliable sources of information. For each text, provide the following three details, in the appropriate column:



  1. Title: Provide the title of the article, book chapter, web page, etc. If you are unable to locate a title, you may want to reconsider whether it is a suitable resource.
  2. Name and Type of Source: Provide the name of the newspaper, magazine, website, etc. and also indicate what kind of text it is. You will be graded on your ability to present a variety of source types.


  1. Potential Research Value: In this section, briefly indicate the kind of information or perspective this text will add to your understanding. In other words, what makes it useful and/or different from your other texts? You will be graded on your ability to demonstrate that each text is potentially relevant to your research.
  Title of Text Name and Type of Text Potential Research Value of Text
e.g. “Can We Ever Kick Our Smart-Phone Addiction” The Globe and Mail (newspaper) Expert information and opinions from a medical doctor and a leader in the technology industry






  1. Summarize One Potential Resource: Pick one of the three texts that you list above and use the summary writing skills practiced in class to write a short summary of the text. Remember to identify the text clearly in the first sentence of your summary, focus only on the text’s main ideas rather than its minor points, and use your own words throughout to paraphrase rather than quote the text’s main ideas. Your summary will also be graded on its ability to identify how this text will contribute to your research. Education homework help



  1. Document the Text You Have Summarized: In the space below, record the publication information for the article exactly as it would appear in an APA reference list. Your reference will be graded on the accuracy with which you follow the documentation style that you have been practicing in class.



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