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SWK 318-Generalist Practice With Groups, Organizations, and Communities

Community Group Event Analysis Assignment

Value= 150 points


Due Date: November 19, 2021

Your assignment is to attend an event in the community (a Board of Directors meeting for a non-profit, a community event to raise awareness about a need, a fundraiser, CSB Board Meeting).  Given COVID this can be a virtual event (and in fact reflects how many current events are conducted).You should interact in a professional manner as you gather information and make observations.


We have gained permission for all students to participate in the following opportunities:

  • Event Hampton Roads Trauma Informed Community Network (HRTICN)-  October 26, 11:00am-12:30pm virtual

*If you are unable to attend this event you will need to find an appropriate event- Please speak with the instructor about the details for approval. 


Your assignment should include:

  1. Observations: (2 Pages)

Observe others during the meeting/event and take notes as appropriate.

Generally your observations should include:

  • What is the issue/need of focus?
  • What is the purpose of the event? Informative? Fundraising? Address a community need?

the location of the event? Easy access for all? Format? Incentives?

  • Use your knowledge about groups; what do you notice about group process, dynamics, do you notice particular group member roles?
  • Who seems to have the power is it shared? Is there a clear leader…is it by title only…does someone else actually lead?
  • How do people interact. English homework help
  • Who is in attendance?
  • Is there structure to the event? (Roberts rules of conduct, chaos, minimal structure)
  • Other observations


  1. If it is appropriate to interact with others, do so, otherwise observe to determine the following: (2 Pages)


  • Why are they attending the event? Fun? Purpose? Job? Etc.? How committed do they seem to the issue/need? Perceived expectations?


  1. Write a page narrative analysis/paper (APA format- double spaced, 12 point font, 1 inch margins) to include: (3 Pages)
  • An analysis of your observations (noted above) At a minimum provide:
    • A brief overview of the event
    • Issue: The addressed need, purpose of the event
    • Groups: Type, Dynamics, Member roles, Facilitator
    • Action: What will happen next? Call to action? Tasks for members?
    • Analysis: Effectiveness of the event?
  • Refection- what did you learn about groups and communities from this experience? Incorporate your observations and experience/interactions with people attending the event to inform your discussion/analysis
  • Use the textbook to provide at least 2 specific references to related content/information in the text book (type of group, member roles, dynamics, facilitator etc.)


Special Criteria

The Assignment Format should include a TOTAL of 7-8 Pages, Use APA style:

Title Page- 1 Page

Sections, A, B, C (Total Pages For All Sections-5-6 Pages

Reference Page-1 Page (4-5 References)


Community Group Event Analysis Assignment

Value=150 points









Exemplary Comments
 Observations: Details included from attendance/participation


 (potential 25 points)



Overview of Observations (potential 50 points)




2 Textbook references &

Reference Page

(potential 25 points)



What did you learn about groups/communities/organizations

(potential 25 points)


Grammar & Professional Writing Format

(potential 25 points)





Beginning: Most of requirements are missing.

Developing: Some requirements are included, some missing.

Accomplished: Requirements are met.

Exemplary: Extra information/application beyond the requirements are provided. Excellent grammar. English homework help




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