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6:00 p.m. a game of pick-up basketball is taking place on the outdoor court of the local community center. A large number of spectators are watching the game and heckling the players. A police car is making a routine patrol of the neighbourhood and stops near the game. The spectators start yelling and cursing at the police officers. The police officers get out of the car and walk over to the crowd. When one of the basketball players notices the officers, he grabs his knapsack and runs away. The police stop him and when they search his bag they discover a gun. They arrest the basketball player on the spot for carrying a concealed weapon. English homework help


1. What should happen to the basketball player and why?

2. Add fact: The basketball player is a 14-year-old boy. Does this change what should happen? Why?

3. Add fact: The gun was loaded. Does this change what should happen? Why?

4. Add fact: The basketball player did not purchase the gun but found it in the bushes outside his school? Does this change what should happen? Why?


5. Add fact: The basketball player is being bullied by another kid in the neighbourhood and he brought the gun to the basketball game in case his bully showed up. However, he shot off some rounds earlier in the day to test his shooting capabilities. Does this change what should happen? Why?

6. Add fact: The basketball player does not have a previous criminal record. Does this change what should happen? Why? Would things be different if he did have a criminal record?

7. Add fact: There was a report of a suspect fitting the basketball players description that shot and killed a two year old girl, Does this change what should happen? Why?

a) why do we punish offenders and what do we hope to accomplish?

b) would diversion be appropriate in this case?


1. Respond to each of the questions using scholarly material

2. Each response should be 2-3 sentences in length

3. For at least one of the questions find a case, law, or Act that supports your response


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