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An important part of the employee selection process is determining the level of KSAs (Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities) a potential employee can bring to the organization.

As discussed in chapter 10, one strategy for assessing applicants’ skills and aptitudes is by administering pre-employment tests. While this is typically an HR task, it is important for supervisors to be knowledgeable about the content of the test and what the test scores represent relative to how they can predict a potential employee’s job performance. This assessment activity provides you with the opportunity to explore and sample a variety of hypothetical pre-employment assessments. (Note: These tests have not been validated and are not appropriate for use in an actual employment situation.)

The value of this activity is twofold. It will build your understanding of the types of test results an HR department might share with you as a supervisor and, as you complete your degree program and possibly consider a change in your own career, the assessments will give you an idea of what kinds of tests you may be asked to complete. Human Resource Management homework help.


Visit one or more of the following websites, each provide links to a variety of hypothetical practice tests:
SHL Talent Measurement: Practice Tests:
Practice Aptitude Tests:
The Riley Guide: Self-Assessment:
Complete at least three practice tests. Reflect on the process and your results of the tests. List the name of each test, followed by answers to the following questions:
What information could the results provide about the future performance of an employee taking this test?
What would the results not tell you that would be important to know about a potential employee?
How would you characterize the experience of taking this test? Hard? Easy? Confusing? Tedious? Other descriptors?


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