Literature Themes on Effects of Cultural Incompetence

Literature Themes on Effects of Cultural Incompetence

The main issue observed in the research is the lack of cultural sensitivity and competence within the health care profession regarding African immigrants. This issue has a negative impact on the health care received by African immigrants. Because of the disparity in cultural competence, the health care providers cannot efficiently deliver health services that cater to the cultural, social, and linguistic needs of the African immigrant patients (Purnell & Fenkl, 2019). As a result, the African immigrant group is seen to have an overall health status score that is lower compared to other groups (Seck, 2015). As the World Health Organization defines, the health care sector has a goal of guaranteeing that everyone’s wellbeing is catered for as effective as possible, including African immigrants (World Health Organization, 2020). Health is determined by various social factors outside of the traditional healthcare setting (Purnell & Fenkl, 2019). Literature Themes on Effects of Cultural Incompetence


Some of these social determinants of health are housing quality, access to healthy foods, and education. Seck (2015) explained that African immigrants have unfavorable social determinants of health which contribute to their lack of quality healthcare. This leads to their poor health experiences because of the lack of understanding by health care workers regarding these social determinants of health. Lack of representation of African immigrants both in leadership and training is also responsible for the lack of cultural competence programs for African immigrants (Clough et al., 2013). Another reason for the lack of cultural incompetence regarding African immigrants is the fact that even most health care workers are white and without cultural training, it is hard for them to understand the needs of African immigrants (Seck, 2015). Even though the medical field is showing increased diversity, most people working in healthcare are not familiar with the culture of African immigrants, so they do not know how to handle this group (Purnell & Fenkl, 2019).

Cultural incompetence has had negative outcomes for African immigrant patients, such as serious health complications and even death. Clough et al. (2013) explained that, due to cultural incompetence, African immigrants are two to three times more likely to suffer from various health-related issues compared to other groups, like white people. The cultural incompetence of health care workers makes African immigrants suffer severely and longer from easily preventable diseases. Seck (2015) reports that some of these negative outcomes are because of subconscious prejudices and implicit bias about the African immigrant group . Addressing cultural incompetence and its effects is the first step to the development of a successful cultural training program for African immigrants (Purnell & Fenkl, 2019). Literature Themes on Effects of Cultural Incompetence


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