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Using Microsoft Excel

As you move through your courses, Microsoft Excel will be a tool you will continue to use in and out of the classroom. It can be used for personal budgeting, planning for your financial future, and aiding in important decisions based on data. For this SLP assignment, you will apply basic Excel functions used as a tool (spreadsheet) to store, analyze, and manipulate data. Use the spreadsheet and the linked Excel tutorial videos provided to learn the steps required for each part of the SLP Assignment. Management homework help.

Manipulate the data in this sample order spreadsheet to address the following:

Sort your spreadsheet and then calculate each region’s order totals.

  1. Which region’s order generated the highest dollar amount?
  2. What percent of total sales does this region represent?
  3. Insert a pie chart illustrating the sales by region.
  4. Change the spreadsheet name from SalesOrders to SalesAnalysis


Evaluate each rep’s order total.

  1. Add a new spreadsheet to your workbook.
  2. Name the spreadsheet RepSales and change the color to blue.
  3. Copy the data from the SalesAnalysis spreadsheet to the new RepSales spreadsheet.
  4. Sort the data by rep.
  5. Which rep generated the highest sales?
  6. Insert a Pivot Table.

Save your Excel workbook. Label each worksheet.

EXCEL Tutorials: Applicable to Microsoft Excel 2007, 2013, 2016, 2019

If you are using Microsoft Office 365, there are tutorials located within Excel.

Tutorial video author: Kevin Stratvert, Microsoft Employee

Microsoft Excel Tutorial for Beginners:

Excel Formulas and Functions Tutorial:

Pivot Tables Excel Tutorial:

SLP Assignment Expectations

Submit an Excel Workbook with two spreadsheets; one labeled SalesAnalysis and the other labeled RepSales. On the individual spreadsheets, complete the analysis listed above. Utilize the tutorial to complete the assignment. Management homework help


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