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You will use Microsoft Excel spreadsheet software to sort the Lab 2 data by criteria such as item description, item cost, vendor number, vendor name, or A/P terms. A/P Terms is expressed as the number of days that the customer has to pay the vendor for a purchase. In other words, 30 designates net 30 days. The vendor that allows customers the longest time to pay for an order would offer the most favorable payment terms. You need to complete the following tasks:


  1. Create a Product Costs worksheet to determine the vendor with the lowest price for the same item when it is supplied by multiple vendors. You can filter the data using the Item Description column. This filters list can be sorted by Item Cost and Vendor Number. Include the following columns in the solution:
    1. Order Number
    2. Item Number
    3. Item Description
    4. Item Cost
    5. Quantity
    6. Cost Per Order
    7. Order Date
    8. Arrival Date
    9. Delivery Days (Delivery Days is Arrival Date – Order Date)
  2. In Chapter 15.3 of your textbook you were required to: Recognize the function and role of data aggregators, the potential for leveraging third-party data, the strategic implications of relying on externally purchased data, and key issues associated with aggregators and firms that leverage externally sourced data. Write a response to the following questions in a Word document: Management homework help
    1. What is the business in Lab 2? Would you recommend any of the solutions in the textbook to the business represented in Lab 2?
    2. What can you determine about the sales of the business represented in Lab 2?  What does the analysis of the Product Costs worksheet in Lab 2 tell you about the frequency the items purchased?
    3. What observations about the data can you provide the business represented in Lab 2? What data represented in Lab 2 would you consider private?
    4. The instructor will be grading the 500+ Microsoft Word paper using the Lab Rubric. Management homework help



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