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Problem 2-19 (Algo) Break-Even Analysis; Pricing [LO2-1, LO2-4, LO2-5]

Minden Company introduced a new product last year for which it is trying to find an optimal selling price. Marketing studies suggest that the company can increase sales by 5,000 units for each $2 reduction in the selling price. The company’s present selling price is $96 per unit, and variable expenses are $66 per unit. Fixed expenses are $839,700 per year. The present annual sales volume (at the $96 selling price) is 25,100 units.


1. What is the present yearly net operating income or loss?

2. What is the present break-even point in unit sales and in dollar sales?

3. Assuming that the marketing studies are correct, what is the maximum annual profit that the company can earn? At how many units and at what selling price per unit would the company generate this profit?

4. What would be the break-even point in unit sales and in dollar sales using the selling price you determined in (3) above (e.g., the selling price at the level of maximum profits)?

Problem 3

Due to erratic sales of its sole product—a high-capacity battery for laptop computers—PEM, Inc., has been experiencing financial difficulty for some time. The company’s contribution format income statement for the most recent month is given below:

Sales (13,500 units × $20 per unit)$270,000 Variable expenses 135,000 Contribution margin 135,000 Fixed expenses 150,000 Net operating loss$(15,000)


1. Compute the company’s CM ratio and its break-even point in unit sales and dollar sales. Mathematics homework help.


2. The president believes that a $6,600 increase in the monthly advertising budget, combined with an intensified effort by the sales staff, will result in an $86,000 increase in monthly sales. If the president is right, what will be the increase (decrease) in the company’s monthly net operating income?

3. Refer to the original data. The sales manager is convinced that a 10% reduction in the selling price, combined with an increase of $37,000 in the monthly advertising budget, will double unit sales. If the sales manager is right, what will be the revised net operating income (loss)?

4. Refer to the original data. The Marketing Department thinks that a fancy new package for the laptop computer battery would grow sales. The new package would increase packaging costs by $0.70 per unit. Assuming no other changes, how many units would have to be sold each month to attain a target profit of $4,500?

5. Refer to the original data. By automating, the company could reduce variable expenses by $3 per unit. However, fixed expenses would increase by $56,000 each month.

a. Compute the new CM ratio and the new break-even point in unit sales and dollar sales.

b. Assume that the company expects to sell 20,900 units next month. Prepare two contribution format income statements, one assuming that operations are not automated and one assuming that they are. (Show data on a per unit and percentage basis, as well as in total, for each alternative.)

c. Would you recommend that the company automate its operations (Assuming that the company  expects to sell 20,900)?


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