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Baby Journals for semester project

Baby Journals for semester project

You will write journal entries in the form of a diary or personal journal to tell the story of parenting a child.  Each of the journal questions must be answered and key words used correctly to obtain full credit.

Write your journals as if you are telling a story; be creative, make sure you are using the terms correctly, and elaborate on each question.  Make sure you answer each question fully as some questions require more than one response. Journals should be at least 2 pages, typeddouble spaced using size 12 font with 1” margins.  Journals will be turned in on BLACKBOARD BY MIDNIGHT ON THE DUEDATE as an attached word document or pdf. Please do not write in the space provided by blackboard. 20 points will be deducted if late. Journals Will NOT be accepted after one week from the due date.  Nursing homework help.

Journals are worth 50 points each and will receive full credit if the following criteria are met:

  • 30 points: terms are used correctly in BOLD print AND each question is fully answered.
  • 10 points: at least 2 pages typed using the correct font and format.
  • 10 points: specific details are given, and journal is creative


Journal 7: Late Adulthood

******Remember YOU as the parent are already REALLY OLD or have already died…How will this journal continue without you?*******

  • Your child is a geriatric patient.  Explain what medical condition they are dealing with.
  • To reduce cellular aging, what type of foods should your child be encouraged to eat and why?
  • You believe your child has some form of dementia, explain their symptoms and how you (or their children) will handle this.
  • What type of grandparent relationship does your child have with their own grandchildren?
  • Describe their family’s plan for your child’s long term care.
  • Describe your child’s religious beliefs and the culture of this religion if any.
  • Your child has had a near death experience in their old age; explain what happened.
  • Your child has named someone as their health care proxy.  Who is it and what medical decisions will they make for your child?
  • Describe your cultures grieving process that you passed down to your child. Nursing homework help.



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