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Topic 1 DQ 1

As a health care professional, in a situation as such, one should first and foremost apologize. Helping patients feel comfortable discussing concerns or perceived difficulties with the recommended treatment by demonstrating empathy is built on a relationship of trust (Waeber, Burnier, & Brunner, 2000). Although we thought her name was pronounced one way, we should ask the patient in which way it is pronounced and gain a trusting relationship with him/her. The assumption of thinking the patient is deaf is also a negative impact because the healthcare profressional assumed. The patient has every right to wait until the name is called upon correctly but one must establish a realtionship after the situation.

Patient prefernce should be asked and assessed so the rest of the appointment and education can go as seemingly planned. What is the patients preferred learning? What do they know about the procedure? Are they aware why they are getting it? There are several levels that should be assessed because post-procedure education is vital. Do they take medications currently? How compliant are they? The healthcare professional should assess their current habits and compliance. Religious beliefs and cultures should be assessed in case they interfere with care. Polypharmacy is the primary influence on compliance for the geriatric population (Rothenberg.) Family should be included in teaching so they can assist the individual in being compliant. Who is there for support? It is important to address any barriers that may be evident because noncompliance is noted in many patients today. With the age of the patient, it is important to know if anyone is caring for the patients needs and who is there for medical support. Nursing homework help.




Alma Faulkenberger is an 85-year-old female outpatient sitting in the waiting room awaiting an invasive pelvic procedure. The health care professional who will assist in her procedure enters the room and calls “Alma.” There is no reply so the professional retreats to the work area. Fifteen minutes later the professional returns and calls “Alma Frankenberg.” Still no reply, so he leaves again. Another 15 minutes pass and the professional approaches Alma and shouts in her ear, “Are you Alma Frankenberg?” She replies, “No I am not, and I am not deaf either, and when you get my name correct I will answer you.”

Using the topic 1 materials, develop a plan to help Alma be compliant with the procedure and post-treatment medication. Also, describe the approach you would take to patient education in this case.


Using 200-300 words APA format with at least two references. Sources must be published within the last 5 years


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