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The parameters are as follows:Please click on the link on the menu to your left that is specific to your program.

Here-you will find a Case Study labeled “Case Study Analysis # 2”

You will provide a case study analysis report.
It must be a minimum of 3,000 words (excluding title page and references).
It must include a separate title page.
It must include a separate reference page.
It must include a minimum of eight scholarly or professional citations written within the last five years.
At least four of the eight references must originate from peer-reviewed journals.
Use of the Southwestern College Deets Library is required.
APA format is required for the case study analysis report. Operations Management homework help
There are excellent APA resources available via the SC Writing Center in Academic Resources in this Blackboard course.

Business Capstone


Case Study #2 

The Glass Door Remains Closed: Another Look at Gender Inequality in Undergraduate Business Schools

Case Study Location:,ip,url&db=aph&AN=100355817&scope=site


Davis, L. M., & Geyfman, V. (2015). The Glass Door Remains Closed: Another Look at Gender Inequality in Undergraduate Business Schools. Journal Of Education For Business, 90(2), 81-88. doi:10.1080/08832323.2014.980715

Outcomes Addressed: 1, 2, 5, 7

Discussion Points/Questions:


  1. Explain the various factors that influence enrollment in various colleges and how these factors can impact overall enrollment into undergraduate business schools. (Critical Thinking)


  1. Gender inequality goes beyond school enrollment.  What other impacts does ‘second generation gender bias’ have on business and leadership in companies? (Ethical Reasoning)


  1. The study found that although overall college enrollment has increased, business schools have seen a decline in women enrollment.  How can this current trend impact the future of business studies and the future of women in the workforce? (Leadership)


  1. The researchers suggest that to improve the environment for female students, tuition should be kept low, class sizes small and provide female students with opportunities to interact with successful female mentors/role models.  How is this similar/different from other research of ‘second generation gender bias’ recommendations currently published? (Career Preparation) Operations Management homework help




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