Preceptorship Learning Plan on Initial PLP Goals Assignment

Preceptorship Learning Plan on Initial PLP Goals Assignment

Instructions: Complete all areas below, answering thoroughly and thoughtfully for each section.

1. List learning experiences and skills you are hoping to have during your preceptorship experience. You won’t know exactly what will be available on your unit yet, so this will not be all-inclusive; think of this as a “Wish List”. Preceptorship Learning Plan on Initial PLP Goals Assignment


Examples: Initiating/participating in a Code Blue, observing a bone marrow biopsy, assist holding an infant for a lumbar puncture, provide patient education on a challenging topic, calling providers, start an IV, giving report to incoming nurse, etc. Feel free to do some googling about the population your unit cares for to get some more ideas!


Engaging with the patients to know their need of improvement  
Enhancing my critical thinking skills  
Enhancing my Data collection skills and proper coding and billing  
Providing proper education to the patients  
Improving bedside shift report  
Proper administration of medication  


2. List your strengths and areas of improvement as you enter this clinical:

Strengths Areas of Improvement
Good communication skills Time management
Empathetic Getting emotionally attached to the patient
flexibility Use and interpret EMR
Detail attention  



Instructions: Complete the table below with consideration to what you would like to learn and accomplish in the first 60 hours of practicum. Makes sure to reference “PLP Guidelines” document for more detailed information on the requirements of this assignment.

Learning objective: What are you trying to achieve? (This is what you are trying to learn- NOT what you are going to do.)

Plan: What will you do to achieve this? What actions will you take? Be specific. Also, consider which resources you might utilize.

SMART Goal: “I will…” Your goal should be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-specific.

Objectives and Goals: First half of Preceptorship


1. Patient Assessment Learning Objective: Identify a learning objective to develop or improve in this dimension of nursing practice.

Learn how to do a comprehensive data assessment in order to know the patient’s problem

Plan: Identify at least four different strategies to meet your objective.

· The first strategy is working closely with my preceptor to understand how a comprehensive assessment is completed.

· Collaborating with all the other healthcare workers so that I can learn from them

· Observing how the floor nurses are handling the patients

· Improve my communication skills to help get as much information as possible

SMART Goal: Identify a specific SMART goal to meet within the first half of preceptorship.

· By mid point of the practicum, I will show proper assessment skills and will have assessed at least 4 patients

SMART Goal: Include as many SMART goals as you want under each objective. Note: Once you meet a goal, you will need to set a new goal for your next week in preceptorship.


2. Planning of Patient Care

Learning Objective:

The primary objective is learning how to determine the patient’s goals, setting priorities, developing expected outcomes of nursing care, and selecting proper interventions. By the support of the nurse and evidence-based practice guidelines, nursing publications develop a plan of care



Working closely and collaboratively with the other preceptorship in order to meet my goals and objectives.

SMART Goal: I will work with my Preceptor closely to help at least to patients in setting their priorities by midpoint of the practicum
SMART Goal: help at least two patients in developing their healthcare goals by midpoint of the practicum. Preceptorship Learning Plan on Initial PLP Goals Assignment


3. Medication Administration

Learning Objective: learning proper administration and correct dosage


Plan: I plan to work closely with my Preceptor to learn proper dosage and timing as appropriate dosage described in the prescription label is crucial. Will review ATI safe medication dosage calculations and guidelines. Ensuing the six rights of medication administration to safely administer drugs. Observe other nurse’s safety administering medication
SMART Goal: Work closely with my Preceptor and administer correct medication dosage to at least four patients in two weeks.
SMART Goal: I shall specify the right dose ranges at least three times each day to prescribe drugs.


4. Communication

Learning Objective: The ultimate goal is to get the required information from the patient that will help improve the health and medical treatment of the patient

Plan: Improve my communication skills by interacting with my patients and learning how the nurses communicate with the patients. Review the ATI book as a resource for therapeutic communication guidelines. Practice use of drug guide to properly administer safe medication.



SMART Goal: I will assess to patients in the next two weeks to gauge my communication skills
SMART Goal: In the next two weeks, I will complete a mental body language assessment every time I have a discussion lasting more than one minute to understand my nonverbal communication skills better.


5. Documentation

Learning Objective:   Improve my clinical judgment and understanding of the role of documentation in the treatment process.

Plan: I plan to prepare a complete record of handwritten or electronic evidence regarding the care of a patient. Revise ATI documentation guidelines or handbook procedures to document patient data properly

Collaborate and observe my preceptorship documenting patient data on the EHR


SMART Goal: I will practice proper documentation methods in the next two weeks.
SMART Goal: I will learn to fill form 8584 regarding comprehensive nursing assessment in the First half of my Preceptorship. Preceptorship Learning Plan on Initial PLP Goals Assignment


6. Personal Goal

Learning Objective: I want to learn how to properly manage my time as a lack of proper time management may lead to failure to address problems in the organization’s work and care coordination.

Plan: I plan to ensure that I can prioritize items and make a list of necessary tasks to help remove possible distractions and meet my goals and objectives. Demonstrate the use of EHR with the supervision of my preceptorship.

Revise EHR on ATI module.


SMART Goal: Report to work every day 30 minutes earlier to give me room for preparation
SMART Goal: Work with a brain sheet containing all the information about each patient and the time each patient will take. Preceptorship Learning Plan on Initial PLP Goals Assignment



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