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Investigate and propose a psychiatric diagnosis based on the case study attached. Include an in-depth overview of the disorder within the diagnosis, treatment options for the diagnosis, and a sound rationale that explains why this diagnosis was made. Must present a thorough overview of each disorder within the diagnosis. Assume the audience has no prior knowledge of the disorder within the diagnosis, and provide relevant and easy to understand explanations of each for the readers. The Psychiatric Diagnosis must include the following (1)Explain psychological concepts in the patient’s presentation using professional terminology. Identify symptoms and behaviors exhibited by the patient in the chosen case study (2)Match the identified symptoms to potential disorders in the DSM-5 diagnostic manual (3)Propose a diagnosis based on the patient’s symptoms and the criteria listed for the disorder(s) in the DSM-5 diagnostic manual(4)Analyze and explain how the patient meets criteria for the disorder according to the patient’s symptoms and the criteria outlined in the DSM-5 diagnostic manual (5)Justify the use of the chosen DSM-5 diagnostic manual (i.e., What evidence supports the validity of this manual? What are limitations of this manual?)(6)Summarize general views of the diagnosis from at least three theoretical orientations (g., cognitive, behavioral, humanistic, biological, sociocultural, evolutionary,Psychology homework help  psychoanalytic, integrative, etc.). NOTE: Be clear that you are writing about theoretical orientations and using the theoretical orientations to explain the diagnosis. Do not use the theoretical orientations to discuss any therapy or treatment approaches. Your application of the theoretical orientations should answer the question: What causes this diagnosis? For example, “Based on the cognitive perspective, what causes this diagnosis?” “Based on the humanisitic perspective, what causes this diagnosis?”



In addition, you may include a historical perspective on the diagnosis, but this is not required. Also note that here you are summarizing views of the overall diagnosis, not specific individual symptoms(7)Include a discussion on comorbidity if the diagnosis includes more than one disorder(8)Evaluate symptoms within the context of an appropriate theoretical orientation for this diagnosis (e.g., cognitive, behavioral, humanistic, biological, sociocultural, evolutionary, psychoanalytic, integrative, etc.).  NOTE: Here you are evaluating specific symptoms, not the overall diagnosis(9)Use at least two peer-reviewed articles to assess the validity of this diagnosis, and describe which demographics are at a higher risk of developing the disorder or receiving the diagnosis based on age, gender, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, and ethnicity. Provide a brief evaluation of the scientific merit of these peer-reviewed sources in the validity assessment?(10)Summarize the risk factors (i.e., biological, psychological, environmental, and/or social) for the diagnosis If one of the categories is not relevant, address this within the summary(11)Compare evidence-based and non-evidence-based treatment options for the diagnosis(12)Evaluate well-established treatments for the diagnosis, and describe the likelihood of success or possible outcomes for each treatment(13)Create an annotated bibliography of five peer-reviewed references published within the last ten years to inform the diagnosis and treatment recommendation. In the annotated bibliography, write a two- to three- sentence evaluation of the scientific merit of each of these references? Psychology homework help


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