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Discussion 1: Research Paper

For the discussion, complete these tasks:

  1. Review Preview of Research Paper, especially the section on ethical theory application.
  2. Answer the discussion prompt in 6-8 sentences.

Discussion prompt: Part of the paper asks you to apply two ethical theories from the course to your chosen ethical issue. For this discussion choose Noddings and explain what it would say is morally correct in regard to your topic (Community Policing). Give a quote from the relevant course reading as part of your answer.

Hint: You might want to focus on a theory that fits with your own thesis and arguments in the paper. For example, if you will give broadly utilitarian arguments of your own, then maybe choose Mill and explain how he would analyze your chosen topic. Alternatively, you may want to bring in a theory that you will ultimately reject in the paper. For example, if you will argue that cultural relativism is inappropriate for resolving your ethical dilemma, you could describe its response here, while noting that you will ultimately reject the theory.

Required quote: Put the quote in quotation marks and give an APA style in-text citation in parentheses after it. For example (Mill, 1863/2010, ch. II, para. ___). The Citing Sources and Avoiding Plagiarism page shows how to cite each reading.

  1. What ethical dilemma have you chosen? Why is it controversial?

The ethical dilemma I have chosen is about gun control. The issue of gun control has been a subject of debate in the United States over the years. This issue is controversial because, on the one hand, the Constitution’s 2nd Amendment asserts that citizens “have the right to keep and bear arms” (Rønnedal, 2019). Therefore, limiting how people purchase and use guns is a violation of the Constitution. On the other hand, too many guns in the hands of civilians have led to many lives lost due to mass shootings and irresponsible use of firearms. Ingraham (2018) reveals that there are 120.5 guns per 100 people in the US, with approximately 22% of Americans owning one or more guns. This is the highest number globally and has resulted in untold suffering and the loss of many lives in the country. Advocates for strict gun control measures assert that greater regulation of firearms will save lives and prevent deadly attacks. Reading homework help


  1. Why does this topic interest you? How does it relate to your college major or


Career goals? 


This topic interests me because of how evenly divided the country is regarding the possession of firearms by civilians. Also, the topic relates to my college major in Criminal Justice. Criminal Justice refers to the field that entails identifying, detainment, judgment, and punishment of criminals based on their specific crimes. Therefore, people caught for crimes such as mass shootings, unlawful possession of firearms, irresponsible use of weapons, and homicides fall under the purview of Criminal Justice. Debates typically arise on whether gun control will reduce gun-related crimes and lead to a safer America. Proponents for gun control state that fewer guns in the community will result in fewer gun-related crimes. At the same time, opponents assert that guns are not responsible for crimes but for the people who use them irresponsibly (Miller, 2019). More so, the opponents argue that possessing firearms can enable one to thwart an attack (Miller, 2019). However, the trend in the country over the years suggests that this is not necessarily true since nations with strict gun controls have significantly lower gun-related crimes.

  1. What are a few fundamental issues you hope to explore in your research?

            In my research, there are a few key issues, which I hope to explore. First, I would like to carry out a comprehensive comparison between gun-related crimes in the US and similar crimes in the rest of the world. Second, I would like to explore the pros and cons of gun control in the US. Third, I would like to examine the logistics of a constitutional change that would allow for legal gun control measures in the country. Fourth, I would like to research the implications of gun control in the US, not only in terms of gun-related crime rates but also in political, economic, and social issues. Finally, I would like to explore how countries like Australia and New Zealand transitioned from having relaxed gun control laws to strict gun controls. By studying such issues, I will gain insight into the underlying issues surrounding gun control in the country and the implications of probable gun control laws to American life.

  1. Persuasive Arguments: Defend a specific solution to your dilemma, using logically compelling arguments. Do not just survey different sides of the debate or summarize views you found in your research. Instead, defend a specific thesis with your own creative arguments. Include details about what your proposed solution involves, reasons it should be adopted, and eth ical concepts that support it. Bring in facts from your research sources as needed to support your main claims. Reading homework help



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