Reflection And Performance Working As Rn essay

Reflection And Performance Working As Rn essay


Ms ___ joined ___ telemetry unit as a staff nurse one year ago and since then she is responsible for the delivery of patient care through using the nursing process of assessment, diagnosing, planning, implementation, and evaluation. Reflection And Performance Working As Rn essay


Ms ___adheres to ANA’s Code of Ethics for nurses. She remains attentive, respectful and loyal to all patients in care. Ms protects patient privacy according to _____ policy. She accepts responsibility and accountability for own decisions and actions, performs nursing care based on current knowledge and recent research. Ms. ___ is culture sensitive, she considers the patients’ demands regardless of their sex, race, age, culture or religion. Ms ___cooperates with medical team members, the patients and their families to deliver nursing interventions more effectively. Furthermore, she establishes professional relationship with team members.


Education/Career development

___ received required telemetry certification during first year of working on ___ unit which helped her to gain new knowledge and experience. She participated in online and in person classes such as charge nurse class. Again, Ms __ continues to be engaged in all ___ education programs to improve quality for patients, staff and the whole organization.


Ms ___ works directly with patients, other nursing staff and physicians implementing care. She adheres to hospital health and safety standards, polices and procedures. Ms ___ performs works with minimal needs for supervision or guidelines. She demonstrates competency in nursing skills such as obtaining EKG and phlebotomy. Furthermore, she displays technical skills and knowledge in following: EPIC, RNXT and PYXIS system. Ms. ___ is able to conduct a comprehensive physical assessment. She completes and documents initial and ongoing assessments and care plans.


Ms. __ works with a number of colleagues to support patient well-being. This would include doctors, other nurses, pharmacists, clerks, physical/occupational therapists, nurse assistances, medical managers, hospital administrations. The quality of patients care depends on harmonious relationship between mentioned staff members. Ms. transitioned to morning shift when was asked by floor manager. She also assists other units by working overtime frequently as per WHEN requests. Ms is very responsive to colleagues help request. Moreover, she communicates patient care needs to physicians, makes assignments for other team members, addresses supplies issues when arise. Reflection And Performance Working As Rn essay

Quality of care

Ms able to identify the problem and able to initiate the process of quality improvement based on observation in daily practice. She demonstrates ability to collect and analyze data and initiate quality improvements interventions. It is especially important in hospital settings because it promotes patient safety. She follows infection control precautions, identifies patients that are at risk of falls, injury or development of pressure ulcers. Ms follows safe patient safety standards in her practice.


Ms values the concept of evidence-based practice and integrates it in her practice. She can locate evidence-based literature related to clinical practice through _____ by using the Elsevier resource page. Reflection And Performance Working As Rn essay


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