Social Science homework help

Refer to at least three learning resources assigned for this week in your response to the following questions about gender and gender identity.

First, respond briefly to the following questions:

Based on the learning resources for this week, what do you conclude determines a person’s gender? Did the reading change any of your beliefs about gender identity? If so, which ones and why? If not, which points do you agree or disagree with most strongly, and why?

Next, answer one or more of the following questions using the learning resources for support:

  • Is it useful to create additional      categories for gender? What would we gain as a society? What might      individuals gain? Would we lose anything? What if we were to do away with      gender categories altogether?
  • How do the words we use affect the way we      understand the world around us? Can changes in language be an effective      way to combat sexism and racism? Can you think of an especially useful      example?
  • How do the accepted gender norms for      “femininity” and “masculinity” limit human potential?      Who is most limited by these categories? In what ways?
  • What are some of the issues or pressures      faced by women regarding their sexuality that do not exist in the same way      for men? Does race, class, or sexual orientation add to (or, perhaps,      subtract from) any of those pressures?


  • Why do you think that our culture is      generally more comfortable with women taking on characteristics of      masculinity than with men taking on characteristics of femininity? Social Science homework help. How has      this comfort (or lack thereof) affected changes in social gender norms and      expectations over time?
  • Do our current societal structures      present particular challenges to gender-fluid or gender non-binary people      [people who do not identify themselves as either female or male] that are      different from those experienced by cisgender or transgender people? Do      you know of any ways those challenges are being addressed?
  • What role do you think parents should      play in the development of their children’s gender identity and/or their      understanding of their sexuality?

Original Post: Provide your initial post which responds to the Discussion prompt by 11:59 pm on Friday. Your initial post should be at least 250-300 words in length, excluding the discussion prompt and the references. 

Posts should engage meaningfully with at least three assigned learning resources. 


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