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Community Health

 Draft of Final Project Milestone One

Public Health Issue – MENTAL HEALTH

Overview: As a future community health professional, you will likely identify issues in the community related to your work. In order to effect change, you will need to identify risk factors and the impact of that issue on the community. You may need to involve stakeholders within the community to help you plan and implement programs to resolve the identified issue. This milestone provides practice for effective community engagement, which involves developing partnerships with local stakeholders and having them become active partners in assessing local health problems. Community engagement is a critical component of community health education and in the development of community health programs.

Prompt: In this milestone, you will address your chosen issue, risk factors, impact, community need, program, and stakeholder involvement. These aspects compose Section III, Public Health Issue, of the final project.


Specifically the following critical elements must be addressed:

III. Public Health Issue: In this section, you will apply basic principles of community health education to the issue you selected. Then, you will illustrate how aspects of community health education programs can be used to address the issue. Specifically, you should address the following:

  1. Issue: Describe the public health issue that you selected, basing your description on principles of community health education.
  2. Risk Factors: What are the risk factors for the issue? For example, is there a population that is more likely to face this issue? Or are there behaviors that typically lead to the issue? Your response should be based on principles of community health education.
  3. Impact: How does the issue impact the community? For instance, does the issue affect public safety in the community? Does the issue affect the local tax rate? Your response should be based on principles of community health education. Sociology homework help
  4. Community Need: Explain why the issue is a need in the community. In other words, why should this issue be addressed? Support your explanation with relevant data and research.
  5. Program: Illustrate, concisely and broadly, how this issue could be addressed in the community. In other words, provide a brief, broad description of a community health education program that could be developed to address the issue. For example, you might develop a nutrition program to educate the community on making healthier diet choices.
  6. Stakeholder Involvement: How can the stakeholders you are presenting to be involved in addressing the issue? For instance, you might ask grocery store owners to donate healthy snacks to an afterschool program, or you might ask the community center director to provide meeting space for a support group.


Feedback from Instructor for Final Project

My suggestion on your approach would be narrowing down your topic to either geographic area, age group, race/ethnicity, and limit yourself to specific mental health disorders (depression/anxiety, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, etc.). Sociology homework help



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