Sociology homework help

Reflection 1: For this reflection, please consider the linked TEDTalk by Dr. Nadine Burke:
And answer these 2 questions:

1) What is your opinion of the ACE studies?
2) Do you think it should be mandated that all health professionals (including social workers) receive education about the effects of trauma and how to assess for trauma?

Reflection 2: answer these questions:
1) Did the Shapiro & Applegate 2002 childcare early development change your opinions about daycare?
2) What do you see as a potential consequence to the findings that Black boys are seen as less innocent and older than children of other races at the same age?
3) As a social worker, how could you advocate for different discipline strategies in a school setting?
Reflection 3: Answer these questions related to this video: How racial bias works — and how to disrupt it | Jennifer L. Eberhardt. Sociology homework help


1) Why did this video that stood out to you? Had a stronger impact? Provided a perspective you had not considered before? With the increased societal attention on issues related to racism, how do you incorporate this information into your thinking? Into your life? Your relationships? How can you incorporate it into your identity as a social worker?

Reflection 4: Answer these questions related to this video
1) How do you view adolescence differently (or the same) after viewing this?
2) Do you think the information and accounts related to adolescence in this module are being taken into consideration in practice settings in schools?
3) How could you see yourself supporting an adolescent in your role as a social worker?

Reflection 5: Answer these questions from your perspective as a social worker in training related to these videos.

1) What was most impactful to you from this Module?
2) What was something new that you learned?
3) What will you take with you into your work as a social worker? Sociology homework help



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